Go Dog School | Personal Trainer
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Personal Trainer

1-2-1 Appointments

Go Dog School offers a personal trainer service to your dog or puppy. A One – One ratio training method conducted in your own home where your dog feels happiest and secure. This also includes training walks teaching them good behavioural practice in a ‘real world’ environment so you can enjoy outside time with your dog whether at the park or in the town.
A private dog training session supports and promotes individual learning at a pace that is suitable to you and relevant to your dogs’ learning progression.
​Go Dog School covers areas such as house training, commands & tricks, loose lead walking, recall, no jumping, no chewing,  no biting , adopting positions sit, down, stand not only in the home but in an outside environment

£35 per hour

or 4 x 1 hour sessions £120 (saving £20)

Prefer Classes? Perhaps check our Dog Activities